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I cannot believe it has been 10 years since I first published Butterscotch & Me! But it has been and it seemed a perfect time to send them back out into the world again. Paperback, 8.5 x 11, these new editions were a lot of fun to put together. I enjoyed going back through all the illustrations. Seeing them with fresh eyes, I found I still loved them all. Each one holds so many wonderful memories for me and I can only hope that they will bring joy to others who read them.

And keep an eye out. I hope to have them available in ebook format in the near future. There is a fun interactive version of Molly the Mermaid on Reading’s a Breeze which you can find here.

Butterscotch & Me

With dreams as the canvas and their imagination as the brush, there are no limits to where a child’s mind will take them. Come along as a young girl and her friend Butterscotch set off on their dream-time adventures in this whimsical bedtime story. Drift on clouds through the starry night sky, play hide-n-seek in the miniature world of the garden, and swim to the deepest depths of the sea.

Butterscotch & Me shows us that there are no limitations when we use our imaginations.

Molly the Mermaid

Have you ever leapt over the rolling waves as they crashed on the beach and knew… just knew that you were meant to be in the sea? Follow Molly and her friend Penelope below the sunlit waves into the mysterious ocean blue. Search for silver combs and mirrors – a mermaid’s favorite things, explore long-lost cities and have tea with a leafy seadragon in this delightfully illustrated story celebrating the joys of a child’s imagination.

What Every Dragon Needs

What does every dragon need? Why a princess of course! Or so says the wise old frog. Join a young dragon named Percival as he sets off on a quest to find out what a princess is, and most importantly… where to find one.

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