Lumina and the Goblin King

It is unwise to steal from goblins…

In order to save a dying silver kitten, a kind-hearted sprite makes a desperate decision. A choice that will change her life forever; because all debts come due eventually, and a debt to the Goblin King is no small thing.
Caught up in an age-old enmity, can she find a way to make good what she owes and still keep all she holds dear? Or will the price of her choice be more than she can pay? No matter the answer, some things are worth the cost, whatever it might be.

Do stories about fairies and goblins captivate you?
Personally, I love fairytales and folklore – both reading them and writing them. Lumina’s story is just such a tale, one of promises made and bargains kept, cursed kings and fairy queens, long-held animosity and love yet to be found.
So, if you are like me and enjoy fairytales and lore – or just incorrigible cats and mischievous phookas – then you will enjoy Lumina and the Goblin King.

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