Introduce yourself –

“probably one of my least favorite things to do” is the thought that came to mind when I saw the prompt above. It is not easy to sum up who you are and what you like in a few short sentences. Still, I guess I will give it a go.

I grew up in a rural community called Jupiter Farms on the east coast of Florida, and I live there still. There was a whole lot of daydreaming and horseback riding involved in my growing up, as well as reading and writing (a common thing among authors it seems). And I am still doing all of those same things today, save horseback riding and growing up.

I always have stories rolling around in my head, myriad worlds filled with characters, all clamoring for me to tell their stories. Those stories might have stayed in my head if not for my daughter. It was her interest that drove me to complete my first book.

Being on the autism spectrum, sleep was a difficult thing for her when she was younger. My first book Butterscotch & Me came to be from those sleepless, story-filled nights. One of my fondest memories is of her perched on the arm of my chair, chin resting on my shoulder, while I worked on the illustrations for it. Of course that was when she was six, now she is taller than I am and definitely does not fit on the arm of my chair anymore.

I love writing stories (except when they make me pull my hair out, then it’s more of a love/hate kind of thing) and marvel at how they take shape with a life all their own. I find myself looking forward to seeing what will happen… and having to remind myself that if I want to see how it all turns out, then I need to finish writing them first.

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