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From frost to flowers to fruit

We rarely get frost this far south, but even if you don’t take that into account, Florida is a crazy place when it comes to weather. In just a little over one month we have gone from frost to flowers to fruit. And the bowl of tomatoes was just the first of many! I have …

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Read-Along Books… they’re not just for kids!

I have mentioned my early reading adventures in several posts now, and recently I have had another come floating up from the depths of my memory… Disney’s read-along books. They came with a record that slid into a pocket in the back of the book and I loved them! All of a sudden, books became …

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Fairytale Series – The Swan Maiden

I first read The Swan Maiden by Howard Pyle in those wonderful red books that I had found tucked away in my grandmama’s house. I loved the idea of a young woman who could turn into a swan, a three eyed witch who lived in a house that shone like fire and the barley woman …

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