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A series worth rereading.

I recently received an ARC for A.J. Lancaster’s King of Faerie, the fourth and final (well, mostly final) book in the Stariel series. I stayed awake until 3:00 am finishing it, and I regret nothing! It also gave me the perfect excuse to reread the series and spend many a pleasurable hour immersed in the …

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Scribbles and Scratchings

I often sketch or doodle on what ever piece of paper happens to be handy. My muse must like the rhythmic scratching of my pencil because it has helped me get past many a writing block. I thought it would be fun to share some of those sketches with you along with an excerpt or …

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Summer Gardening and Silly Cats

Summer is a great time for butterflies in South Florida, and I decided my more than a little wild butterfly garden could use even more wildness. Every morning swarms of butterflies dance their way through the garden, dozens and dozens of them fluttering around the firebush and the jatropha tree. One day I may even …

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