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Given my Stolen Away series is about fairies, it should be no surprise that I did more than a few web searches about them. No, the surprise was just how far down the rabbit hole I fell for just a few paragraphs.

Lumina and the Goblin King – when Lumina first sees the Goblin Host at the Fairy Queen’s court

Lumina’s eyes searched through the goblin host of their own accord, passing over its bogels, boomen and powries, henkies, glastigs and bodachs without stopping. She saw the blue face of muilearteach and brown fur of the wulver, but the familiar dark coat and feathered visage which she had hoped for, was nowhere to be seen. There was, however, another in the throng who caught and held her gaze. The Goblin King watched her as she spun past in a dance that now seemed infinitely slow. His eyes captured her as neatly as a butterfly in a net.

Lumina and the Goblin King – when Lumina first sees the Goblin Market through the mirror gate.

When she looked, the reflection in the water was no longer that of a crumbling ruin, but a great stone keep, whole and proud.

“Turn around, fair one,” Crow said, his taloned hand gently turning her back towards the Keep. 

When she looked, the same crumbling ruin greeted her, but the doorway was no longer filled with a crushing darkness. Instead it opened on to a busy market. Goblins of all kinds wandered through the stalls: bucca, brownies and barguest. Here a gruagach, there a hogboon; she even saw a human or two browsing amongst the merchants’ wares.

Yep, the writing of those couple of paragraphs set my feet on the path into research wonderland, and when I finally emerged, literally days had past. Or course, I enjoyed myself immensely! Here are some (but certainly not all) of the links that led me down that rabbit hole, in case you want to follow.

A quick note – I am not affiliated with any of the sites whose links I have shared below. I make no money if you click on them, and any of the ads or opinions seen there do not necessarily reflect my own opinions or suggestions.


Quaerentes in Extremuis

Into the Wonder

Scotland in my Heart

Wikipedia – Bauchan

Wikipedia – Bodach

Wikipedia – Wulver – TheFairy Rade

There were also several books, because rabbit holes are not always confined to the internet. *wink* You can find a list of them on any of my previous posts titled “The Goblin Host”

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