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“Hoax quietly watched as she spun flax and nettle into thread, twisting the strands of hair in as she twined the fibers together. A bowl of water sat on the floor at her elbow, the scent of rosemary rising up from it every time she dipped her fingers in to wet them while she spun.”

– The Broken Court, Chapter 3, On the Breath of the Storm

One little sentence and I was lost for hours.

It turns out that there are a ton of natural fibers you can spin into thread. There are the common ones you have probably already heard of such as flax, hemp, and cotton. But there are also several less common ones; rose, banana, nettles. Yep, nettles. Stinging nettles, the bane of bare feet everywhere. It was a very interesting process to watch!

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Youtube – Processing stinging nettles

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Turning nettles into textiles – Mother Earth News

The most surprising natural fiber you can spin yourself

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