A few pictures from around my garden that have been patiently waiting on my camera for me to remember them.

The moon was a silver bost sailing on an endless sea. It reminds me of this bit from Fairer than a Fairy in my Fairytale Series.

“They landed on a rocky shore and left the boat glowing softly on the beach behind them. When scarcely a minute later she looked back, it was nowhere to be seen. Although a thin moon now rose in the sky just ahead of them to light their way.”

And can you also see the valkyries riding in the clouds of the last photo?

2 thoughts on “Found on my camera…

  1. These are beautiful! I especially love the moon ones. My phone camera isn’t good with night photography.

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    1. Neither is mine! That’s why we had to break out the “real camera” to get those. 😹
      Although the cameras on phones nowadays can take some pretty amazing shots, there’s still a few things they’re not great at taking photos of. Of course, the fault could be mine rather than the phone’s. 😁

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