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November came and went before I knew it, and now December is nearly gone as well. The year is drawing to a close and as always that leads me to reflect on what I’ve accomplished over the past twelve months. Regarding my writing, that usually means I end up lamenting about those projects I thought would be finished by now, but aren’t. But too be honest, that sort of thinking really doesn’t get a person anywhere, does it? So instead, I decided to reflect on those things I did accomplish.

The first of those is the release of my second book in the Stolen Away series, The Broken Court.

I loved creating this book, loved drawing the cover art and the interior illustrations, loved writing the story. I especially loved reading what others thought of it and the first book of the same series, Lumina and the Goblin King.

“…I loved how this book is very subtle. It’s not the kind of book you can enjoy when you’re leaning back and shut off your brain. But if you read between the lines, if you see the story of the world changing, of an old woman changing, of love and all the different ways to express and how love, you will find a beautiful book set in a beautiful world.” – Goodreads review of The Broken Court

“…My favourite character remains the silver cat: well-intentioned, but believes the world revolves around him (and with cats, maybe that’s the truth).” – Goodreads review of The Broken Court

“…sweet read with strong, well-developed characters. The world building is detailed, imaginative and so well done…” Amazon review of The Broken Court

“…This slim story is basically perfect. It’s deceptively simple, but never simplistic; achingly beautiful, sad and hopeful.” – Goodreads review of Lumina and the Goblin King

“…a lovely book, warmly and lyrically written with appealing characters and interesting twists on all sorts of traditional folklore.” – Amazon review of Lumina and the Goblin King.

If you are interested in reading the full reviews, you can find the links here. The Broken Court; Goodreads, Amazon – Lumina and the Goblin King; Goodreads, Amazon

I do not, however, love how Amazon and Goodreads have two author profiles listed for me; one under Cari Lyn and one under Cari Lyn Jones. Why, you might ask? Well, because I’ve published under both names. My children’s illustrated books were published under Cari Lyn and my novels not necessarily meant for children were published under Cari Lyn Jones. I have yet to find a way to put them all together or keep them all separate. (A task for next year, I’m thinking)

That does lead me to the second thing I accomplished, book-wise, this year. And that is the release of second editions of all three of my illustrated children’s books.

As I laid these books out in their new format I fell in love with the characters all over again.

So on reflection, I did accomplish a few things this year. Maybe not all of what I had hoped to, but there were accomplishments achieved all the same. And even the one I fell short on, my gaslamp fantasy Where Angels Dream, is still at almost 90,000 words the longest manuscript I have ever written, and nothing to sneeze at.

So, I’ve decided not to be too hard on myself. Every accomplishment, big or small, is something to celebrate.

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