As many of you already know, I have a deep fondness for classic fairytales. That fondness extends to their illustrations as well. The bold pen and ink drawings, the intricate block prints, for me, they are part of what makes those classic tales so compelling.

“Through the night sky they flew, the stars a blanket above them. Below them rose seven high mountains, which fell into seven deep valleys with seven wide rivers winding through them like silver ribbons. On and on they flew until he saw in the distance a dark hill crowned by a house that shone like fire”
“The Swan Maiden landed in a great wide field that lay only a few miles from the king’s castle. It was there that she told the prince to open the first egg.  He did as she suggested, and what should he find inside but the most beautiful little castle, made all of gold and silver. He set the palace on the ground and it grew and grew until it covered a whole acre of land.”

When I saw fellow author and artist Anne Nydam’s block prints, I fell in love with them! Here are two she made for my retelling of Howard Pyle’s The Swan Maiden. Take a moment to check out her post about them on her blog Black and White. Or, for more wonderful art (of which I own a few) go to

One thought on “Glorious block prints

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, and thanks for letting me be part of your project, which lets me revisit my own love of classic fairy tales.

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