Excerpt from The Broken Court, book 2 in the fantasy series Stolen Away.

This scene is very much a nod to a book I read and loved as a young girl, “A Net To Catch The Wind” by Margaret Greaves.

It was a library book, and I wanted to own a copy so much. Of course, back then (pre-internet) it was sooo much harder to find books. If it wasn’t in a book store then you were kind of out of luck, and there was really only one bookstore in my town at the time. Say what you want about Amazon, but it has made it much easier to find and buy books, even ones long out of print. I have hunted down several books I remembered from my childhood and added them to my library with great glee.

The Broken Court was definitely written for a much older audience than “A Net To Catch The Wind” but it also has a character that has to learn to love unselfishly. Want to read more about the eld woman and Hoax? You can find their story on Amazon or B&N as well as many other online retailers.

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