Idyll Dreams & Nonsensical Things

The random thoughts and whimsical writings of Cari Lyn Jones

For the eld woman, life has changed irrevocably. Her mortality hangs on her like a shroud, and young Thom, newly returned from faerie, has turned her world upside down. Ill portents fill the air, and even the seasons are out of step…

Stories often have a mind of their own, don’t they? Take Lumina and the Goblin King, I was sure the story was finished. It wasn’t until I was in the middle of writing the epilogue that I realized there were other stories there, waiting to be told. That even happy endings aren’t really endings at all, just the beginnings of new stories. In this case, a story about the eld woman, Hoax and Thom, the boy who had been stolen away from Underhill.

So here we are, with The Broken Court set to come out early next year. It follows directly after Lumina and the Goblin King and precedes the final book, whose story is already whispering in my ear, but whose name has not quite revealed itself yet. I already posted one excerpt from The Broken Court in my post The first day of fall, if you find yourself a little curious and want to give it a read. And keep your eyes open for another to be posted later in December. Or better yet, come listen to me read at Strong Women-Strange Worlds’ Year-End Extravaganza on Sunday, Dec. 12th. I am reading a part of that same December excerpt at their Holiday-themed Quick Reads. And if you like Scavenger Hunts, there will also be a chance to win a copy of Lumina and the Goblin King, along with a box full of other books and swag.

If you think the idea of hanging out with over 30 authors for free, without even having to change out of your pajamas, sounds like fun, then here’s the place to register.

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