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That’s right, thanks to the amazing Janis McDavid. Molly the Mermaid now has a voice! You can find it in Reading’s a Breeze’s ever growing library of books.


The delightful thing about childhood is that even the most mundane things can be fantastical. Every blanket becomes a vast fortress, every patch of sunlight a pathway to a magical land. Molly the Mermaid opens a door to an incredible place of boundless imagination – the mind of a child.

This light-hearted story is about a girl, the sea, and the wonderful adventures her imagination takes her on while she plays in the waves. As a mermaid, Molly meets a dolphin named Penelope. Together they play in the sunlit waves and explore interesting places under the sea.
A good book for adults and children to read together, the illustrations are fun and the descriptive language appeals to a variety of senses. Young readers will find a springboard for their imagination as they explore coral castles, find chests filled with gold and glittering jewels, and have tea with a leafy sea dragon at the very bottom of the sea.

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