For any of you who didn’t make it, the Sept. 3rd Quick Read was a lot of fun. If you have ever enjoyed or been interested in hearing authors read from their own works, then I would strongly recommend you go to Strong Woman – Strange Worlds and register to attend one of their Quick Read events. They are on the first Friday and third Thursday of every month and there is always a good mix of authors. Where ever your speculative fiction interests may lie, you will most likely find something to like. Not to mention afterwards, you can talk with or ask questions of the authors.

For authors, it is a great way to meet other authors and share your work with interested readers. It is easy and free for both the authors and the audience, so win-win! Sound like fun? Here’s a link to the form if you want to go take a look. I hope you do, I try to make as many events as I can and would love to hear what others are working on.

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