Read out loud to others… no problem. Read something I wrote out loud to other people… what am I thinking!!

I was thinking it would be fun, and I’m sure it will. Still, I can’t help but feel a healthy dose of terror mixed in with the excitement churning around in my belly. After all, there’s only one more day until myself and four other authors gather together via Zoom and read excerpts from our stories to a virtual room full of people. Ahh!!

On the other hand, it is also an amazing opportunity to meet readers and hang out with other authors. Several of the authors, myself included, are offering giveaways and swag. I am offering one free print copy of Lumina and the Goblin King, and a free ebook copy for everyone who signs up for one.

So, free entertainment… free books… what else could you ask for. Maybe someone else to read for me 🙂 Interested? Register here and join us.

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