I recently received an ARC for A.J. Lancaster’s King of Faerie, the fourth and final (well, mostly final) book in the Stariel series. I stayed awake until 3:00 am finishing it, and I regret nothing! It also gave me the perfect excuse to reread the series and spend many a pleasurable hour immersed in the land of Stariel.  

Most often, the books I enjoy best are the ones that pull you in. Books whose characters stand right up off the pages, with emotions and motivations all their own, and a chemistry between them that feels natural. Books that invite you to read them again and again because they feel like old comfortable friends. So, it’s no wonder why the Stariel series is so appealing to me. It has all of that and more, wrapped up in a beautifully imagined world where fae magic and fantastical creatures exist alongside turn-of-the-century innovations such as telephones and electricity. Glaze the whole thing with the family drama and social mores of a Regency romance, and you have the delightfully immersive story of Hetta, Wyn, and the somewhat extensive Valstar family.

I could go on and recap the series book by book, but I promise it will be a lot more fun if you explored them on your own. However, if you want to read more of my thoughts on them, click on the links below. They will take you to my Goodreads review for each book. I do not receive any sort of monetary compensation if you follow the links, nor did I receive any for the reviews I posted with the exception of the ARC I received of King of Faerie that I mentioned earlier. I wanted to write this post because I enjoyed the series enough to read it more than once and wanted to share it with others who might also.

Lord of Stariel review ** Prince of Secrets review ** Court of Mortals review ** King of Faerie review

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