Book fairs are like treasure hunts for those of us who love to read; wonderful places where we can discover books we may have never seen otherwise. A chance for us to search out new and interesting authors.

Do you remember the book fairs they would have at schools (do they do that anymore? I might be dating myself đŸ˜€ ) I loved them, and found many hidden gems at those fairs. So needless to say, I was very excited when I had the chance to be a part of the Fantasy Romance Book Fair. Of course, the books there are are not ones you would find at a school book fair. However, if you like fantasy or romance, or stories that have a little bit of both, go take a look here. You will find a buffet of books to fill your summer days with, including Lumina and the Goblin King. It only lasts until the end of June, so go take a look. There are fantastical worlds and compelling characters just waiting for you to fall in love with them.

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