This post certainly falls into the random thoughts category!

I was going through pictures, looking for ones I can put into a calendar for this upcoming year; however, the pictures that seemed to keep grabbing my attention were the ones of food. Ummmm, food! One thing all of us share in one way or another, whether its in abundance or a lack of, whether you hate it or love it.

I have always found that the description of a meal, of how it looks, of its flavors and scents, is one of the things that can truly draw me into a story. It adds verisimilitude, engaging my senses so that I can more easily lose myself in the tale it’s telling. It also can help if I am having trouble getting into my writing; providing an easy place for my imagination to take that step, from the world I am living in, to one of the many I am imagining.

And now my daughter is asking me “what’s for lunch?” so I guess I’m not the only one whose hungry! 🙂

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