It is unwise to steal from goblins…

In order to save a dying silver kitten, a kind-hearted sprite makes a desperate decision. A choice that will change her life forever. Because all debts come due eventually… and a debt to the Goblin King is no small thing.

Caught up in an age-old enmity, can Lumina have to find a way to make good what she owes and still keep all she holds dear? Will the price of her choice be more than she can pay?

No matter the answer, some things are worth the cost, whatever it might be.

Coming soon! November 2020.

At its heart, Lumina and the Goblin King is a fairytale – complete with goblins, fairies, elementals and the like – plus one opinionated silver cat. I know for some, it is important for you to know what you are getting into before you buy a book. Unfortunately, there are so many labels now a days, and everyone has a different idea of what those labels mean. So needless to say, I am reluctant to assign them. However, I can say that there is no obscene language or mature scenes; although there are some mild thematic elements.

I guess you could say the story is closer to a Grimm fairytale than a Disney one.

And truthfully, Lumina and the Goblin King was not really written with younger readers in mind; although that is not to say some wouldn’t enjoy it. In fact, I suppose you could say that anyone who likes fairytales would find something that appeals to them: a touch of romance, a touch of trouble; a Fairy Queen, a Goblin King and a sprite far out of her depth; a roguish phooka; and of course, an incorrigible silver cat. The last two, I will admit, were my favorite to write! And I can’t wait to have you meet them. So keep your eyes open because I will be posting links right here on my blog once they are available.

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