Don’t steal from the goblins…

Because every debt comes due, eventually. And even deeds done with the best intentions often come at a price. Some things are worth the price though, what ever it might be.

A dying kitten and a rash decision will lead one kind-hearted sprite to make that choice. She will learn a debt to the Goblin King is no small thing.

Caught up in an age old enmity between the Fairy Queen and the Goblin King, she will soon come to understand that even small pebbles can make large waves, and that every tale has more than one telling.”

Concept sketch of the cover for Lumina and the Goblin King. Look for the cover reveal in September 2020

Lumina and the Goblin King is my first full length novel. And as I mentioned above, there will be a host of goblins, fairies, elementals and the like, plus one opinionated cat.

All over the world, stories are told of the Good Folk in one form or another (though for Lumina and the Goblin King, I drew mostly on Scottish and Irish lore). And there is certainly one thing that is very clear; fairies are rarely flighty things that do no harm. They are beautiful and terrible… and they do not think as mortals do.

For some readers, the creatures they’ll meet within the book’s pages will be old friends, for others, new ones. But whether old or new, it might be that introductions are in order. Because, like all storytellers, I’ve taken some liberties with the lore I found in order to set the stage for the story I wish to tell.

To that end, I hope you will come back to visit my blog as I post more about the Good Folk and the unexpected inspirations that led me to write Lumina and the Goblin King.

Until then…

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